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It's simple. We all want to be the best we can be. We want to learn new and exciting things everyday, and understand the many wonders of this world. The same goes for our beloved dogs and puppies.
It's simple. None of us want to be confused or misunderstood. We need communication and balance.  Our pets need this, too. They need to know what is expected of them, the do's and don'ts of your household. They yearn to feel secure and confident, aware of how to properly gain your praise. They need to know how to be "normal".
It's simpIe. None of us are perfect. We constantly strive to improve ourselves. Our lives are made richer with the knowledge gained by the education we received at our schools and churches we attend. Our pets lives are no different. They are not perfect, but through training and education, their lives will be more meaningful, more enriched.
Won't you, please, give them this chance?
You may be wondering why you are even on this dog training website?
Maybe you never thought of professionally training your dog. Perhaps you never trained your other dogs and they "turned out all right".
Well, simply, times are changing, our lives are different, our dogs are different, and our work schedules are different.
Our lives are more hectic, with less time to spend with training our pets. All our technical "toys" takes our focus away from them, also, and breaks up their normal routine. Gone are the families all at the table for dinner and a peaceful evening at home with our pet. Instead we are running here and there, if not working, or on our social networks.
Our pets are also different. Many are taken from their litters much earlier then 8 weeks, so they miss lessons on life their birth mother would have taught them. Lessons such as on social skills, no biting practices, controlled barking, and cooperation. Other pets come from shelters, and make the greatest additions to the family, once the hardship issues they encountered are worked out.
So, once again, won't you, please,  give  your pet a chance to be the best they can be for you?
Please call Kathi  at K-9 Rehab 336 734 -3261 or 336 602-1905.

Train Your Pet With Love, Pure and Simple.









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5083 Ozark Rd.

Winston Salem

NC, 27105

Let Your Dog Show You How Good He Can Be!

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336 602-1905



There are NO BAD DOGS !  They just NEED Shown the Right Way !

Serving the

Triad Area!

       Winston Salem


       Rural Hall


       Surrounding Areas

Prices Very Reasonable/ Classes Are Fun!

FAST,  FUN,  EASY  to train your dog!

 See positive changes every week !         


Private Classes- $135 total cost of 6 hours training.

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