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Hank is NOT only ONE HANDSOME DUDE, but he is also very smart because he finished his Beginner Class with Kathi!!!!

            Raina has just graduated from Beginner Class  and is attending K-9 Rehab Advanced Class currently to get her CCass.

"Sandy" is in K-9 Rehab's Advanced Class, working to get her CGC.

Sandy was adopted, and has proven to be a wonderful and brilliant companion.

She is great with the grandkids, and eager to learn everything we are willing to

teach her to do!

She is PROOF shelter dogs make GREAT PETS!!!!!

Sandy is working hard so that after graduation and she receives her CGC, she will become a therapy dog for the nursing homes to bring joy to people lives!

Please call Kathi, 336 6021905, if you or a loved one is in need of a service dog. You can train a dog you already have if you, the you, the disabled person is totally bonded with the dog. Or you can secure a new dog and begin the bonding and training process. 

Training for a service dog generally includes: basic training in commands and obedience, advanced training, bonding, public behavior tactics, service dog particulars, training specific to the handlers handicap or limitations. Each individual is unique in the time and plan of action that is developed. Upon our first meeting this plan will be developed with a time schedule and fees are discussed. I have seen many disabled and handicapped persons spend literally 3-4 thousand dollars for a service dog training and still need to come to me as the dog was not suitable for public attendence.

I can promise you your cost to me is FAR lower then that, will be quaranteed, and in writing. No physically or mentally impaired person should have to go into debt to have a service dog assist them in the ADL's of life!

        Faith Rose is one of the wonderful service dogs trained by Kathi.   She is with her "faithful" owner 24 hours a day! and it is a toss up whose more faithful.....perfect name for a great great dog"FAITH ROSE"!  


In some cases the owner request a private class agenda for their dog or puppy. In some cases, the behavior of the dog warrants a private class enviroment, such as overly fearful or aggressive. The private class is curtailed specifically to meet you and your dogs need quickly and in a positive way. Many times after a few session, the dog improves to the point of being able to attend a group  class setting. Please call for more information if you are interested in a private setting class for you and your dog.


Some owners prefer the trainer comes to their home to work with them and their dog. Some dogs are not able to be out in public at the time the training is to begin.

Some people simply want a problem or two around their home with their dog corrected.

Because of this need, Kathi will go to the home to make a housecall training visit, within a certain mile radius, and under certain conditions. Please call Kathi to discuss for more information, if interested in this area.

Brandi Lu, trained as a State Registered Service Dog by Kathi, poses here for her picture, before going to work.

Although K-9 Rehab is new to the Triad Area, professional dog training by Kathi Diana is not new. She has been a trainer for many years, first in Pennsylvania, and now for 6 years in North Carolina. She is certified by the AKC to teach and test for the CGC and CCGC, and works with the state of North Carolina in training and registering service dogs for disabled or handicapped children and adults.

The word "rehab", short for "rehabilitation", in medical use, means "to change the function or performance to a more beneficial state". Thus, Kathi, with a nursing background, choose the name of her training business to be

"K-9 REHAB", to bring your dog's behavior to a better performing state.


Hopefully, by your being on this site, you are thinking about training for your dog.

 If so, .......

Next, you must decide on what you hope to accomplish with this training- your goals- as well as the goals for your dog. K-9 Rehab was designed to personally work with you and your dog on your individual goals, setting up a plan of action in order accomplish these goals.

Whether you are interested in basic command and behavior training, or a more advanced level of training, K-9  Rehab can set up a training plan for you. If you want your dog to earn the CGC or CCGC Award, through the AKC,  K-9 can carry out the training and testing for these awards. Perhaps you are interested in resolving some behavior issues in your home. K-9 Rehab can assist in these issues.

Whether you are the new owners of a bewildered puppy, or the owners of an older dog that could use some lessons on "manners", K-9 Rehab can help!



Six- 1 hour sessions- , for puppies and any age dog that has had no previous training. Basic command training, including "sit", "down", "stay", "leave it", "drop it", "stay", "find it", "touch", are among the common commands we will cover. Together, we will discuss the behavior issues and concerns you have, such as pottying, biting, nipping, barking, lunging, whining, jumping, hyperactivity, poor focus (ADD IN DOGS), shyness, aggression, poor leash walking, etc. The means to correct these problems will be discussed

and methods to resolve them will be implemented.

When your dog graduates from the Beginner Class, they will be more focused,

better behaved, and noticibly calmer. You should start seeing a positive change 

in your dog after the first few classes!

The classes are fun and easy! Prices are affordable. Won't you give your dog this

opportunity to be the best they can be???






















Six-1 hour sessions-  These classes are more complex, for dogs that have had previous training in commands and obedience.  Here the focus is on increasing thew dogs ability to follow commands with increased distractions, for a longer duration,  with complex details carried out. Classes are conducted

in the training room as well as out in the public forum, to continue training in socialization and  proper meeting skills.

Besides the training of complex commands, and performance,  this class carries out the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award Training-

by Kathi, a certified AKC evalutor for training and testing of the  CGC and CCGC.  
































Therapy Dog :

It has been proven that therapy dogs greatly benefit residents, patients, and all that are touched by their prescence. Owners of a therapy dog find  it a wonderful gift in offering the company of their therapy dog visitations to those afflicted with illness and heartship.

With the Advanced Class Training Program, which includes the CGC criteria and testing, and with the experience in public accomodations and exposure , your dog receives the adequate knowledge for a therapy dog. The CGC certificate and graduation proof of training is accepted by several nursing homes and facilities and children schools as qualifying criteria for a therapy dog for their facility.

UPDATE: Kathi has now been accepted as an evaluator for the organization THERAPY PETS UNLIMITED, Inc., which offers a special certification for dogs and cats and their owners for these pets to be therapy pets. Additional training is incorporated into the advanced class criteria. For more information contact Kathi- 336 6021905, and review the website







If you or a loved one, or your child is disabled or handicapped, and you are seeking a service dog for assistance, K-9 Rehab offers the total training for a registered service dog in North Carolina at a fraction of the cost. Kathi Diana is a qualified trainer for training, testing, and registering your dog as a service dog in NC. thru the DHHS/VR.


Some common diagnosis for ultilizing a service dog include:

         PTSD    Seizure Disorder   Mobility Problems    Autism    Diabetes    Stroke    Depression.



















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