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In The Advanced Class of K-9 Rehab, the dogs are completing the training for the Canine Good Citizen Award, and also for therapy dog, if the owner is interested in doing this. Therapy dogs accompany the owner to nursing homes, schools, and other facilities, to visit the people there. It has been proven that dogs promote  calmness, peacefulness, and alertness, benefiting both the aged and the young children. 

As part of K-9 Rehab's training for the Therapy Dog Program, and once the dogs have completed the CGC requirements,  the dogs are taken to a nursing home , under close supervision of Kathi and their owners. They interact with the staff and residents, and upon a successful experience, graduate from the Advance Class. 

The owners find that having their dogs become therapy dogs a very rewarding and moving experience.

In these pictures, Rose, with "Sandy", and Cynthia, with "Raina", make their debut at the Brookridge Nursing Home. Both dogs 

earned their CGC's , and will soon graduate.





And More~~~

A solemn moment is shared in these two pictures... Raina and Sandy instinctively know to sit quietly and simply offer love....

UPDATE 11/17/15-   The American Kennel Club now has a new title award for dogs that  already have their Canine Good Citizen Awards, and are AKC Registered. It is the Urban CGC and involves the training and testing of criteria outdoors including having the dogs properly cross the road, enter public buildings, walk thru public buildings, and other areas related to outdoor activities.

K-9 Rehab offers additional classes,  training. and testing to receive this prestiges title and award.

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