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All dogs and puppies yearn for companionship and friendship with other 

dogs and people. Their lives are richer and  more meaningful when they

are able to do this. Many dogs get over excited when outdoors, seeing new people and other dogs. Their behavior can become anywhere from hyperactive to almost "crazy"!  Sometimes, when this happens, the owners tend to stop bringing their dogs out in public, which denies the dog a fulfilled life. Or, if they do brave taking their dog out into the public, it is surely a chore for them, and definitely not an enjoyable experience.

Kathi, at K-9 Rehab, has vast experience in means and ways to correct a dog's behavior for proper socialization techniques.  Initially, the socialization will take place during the regular classroom activity, using Kathi's trained dogs to quide the students on the proper "meet and greet" procedures. 

At K-9 Rehab, the dogs also go into the field for learning exercises. This practice benefits their need for socialization, with people and other dogs and puppies. Also, it brings new sounds, smells, and distractions to their focus area, increasing their ability to concentrate and focus on commands and proper behavior methods. The students learn the proper way to meet other dogs, eliminating jumping, lunging, barking, and growling. They are taught how to meet people properly, both strangers, and those they are familiar with. 

In the Beginner Class, once the students are able to perform the initial  basic commands, they are taken out to the public areas, such as county parks, and dog parks, and are instructed and closely supervised on socialization skills and practices.

Together, with the classes, and the field activites, and the owners continuing  the social exercises on a regular basis, soon, taking the dog out in public will be a wonderful and fun experience for all!






Casey used to be shy and afraid of other dogs. After being with the dogs at K-9 Rehab, and Kathi, Casey's one happy little pup!!! Here he is smiling for you, with his new friend, Brandi Lu!

Sandy sitting properly to

meet a new friend at the


 Raina taking proper

pose to show new dog

she is friendly.

Dante first day out at the park to meet and greet new dogs and people like a little gentleman!!!

'BooBoo meets two new

 friends thru the gate, the

first step in testing a dog 

that may be aggressive

other dogs. Brandi Lu

gives her a big kiss to

show BooBoo kindness.



ISandy and Raina playing

with their new friend at the


Just like people, dogs love

making friends, and trying

new experiences.

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