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Socialization is critical for the wellbeing and healthy developement of puppies and dogs. In situations where the dog has not been socialized, there may be

evidence of excessive shyness, fear, or aggression toward unfamiliar people, other animals, and places. This prevents a dog from enjoying new experiences and learning new and different things.


Owners tend to avoid taking their dog out to new places if they show signs of shyness, fear or aggression. This, in turn, compounds the problems, and causes

boredom and lack of interest in learning and focus in the dog. 


K-9 Rehab concentrates on socializing the students throughout each class and session. Kathi's dogs are trained to prompt the students into healthy "meet and greet" techniques, and play routines.

The students our taken to public places to meet new people and hear different sounds. They experience a variety of 

other external stimulation to encourage their enjoyment in socialization.

A dog, newly socialized, will show signs of being  healthier, happier, and more focused. Their lives will have more meaning and quality.


      Ziggy and Ozzie see each other for the firs                time and not too sure if they are going  to

    like this or not!      

Ozzie decides to start getting closer to Ziggy, still cautious!

Above- Ozzie and Ziggie getting into this "socializing"! 

                                    Side- LOVE AT LAST !!!

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